Long time, no blog

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Well my dears.
What weather. Home has had little to no rain for months and everything is tinder dry and much is dead or dying. Its rather grim to be honest. Our spring is all but gone too so water has been first priority for Mr F.

I never thought I would long so much to hear the sound of proper raindrops.

Heaven knows what the cows are picking at because the grass is now crunchy underfoot, its like walking on cornflakes.

In the workshop its cool and shady with the blinds closed which is a blessing. I am super busy booting for England! The plan is to clear all shoe orders first and then concentrate on the taller boots one pair at a time. Many are intricate and need individual attention. It's going to be fun sharing those with you.

For today though, its a quiet day for me.

Take care, Ren x

Can you believe its nearly Christmas?

Friday, 18 December 2020


No neither can I, but it will be very soon. Im not sure where the last year has gone, but its gone. Possibly just as well with all that's been going on. Its been a strange one to say the least.
I think my highlight was recreating our wedding from 30 years ago. Same chap, same dress, same church, same gate. This time our three beautiful children were with us.

It was during lockdown so strictly speaking we shouldn't have been there. But, we saw no one, we were all living together anyway, and the 12th May exactly 30 years on was only going to come but once.

Our children made the day so special and my Littlest (there in the middle) cooked us the most delicious three course meal complete with a spectacular fresh cream and berry cake. I wore my wedding dress all day and felt like a Queen.
The May was in full blossom, the sun shone all day long and I felt so full of love that I am quite sure my feet only just touched the ground. Magical memories in the midst of mayhem x
Ren x

Its Sandal time... and a home sewing update.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Have to say I was rather pleased with this new style. Let me introduce Maisie to you all...
Simple, super comfortable, great for wide ankles and wide fittings, lovely and airy for the Summer, what's not to love. Everyone on the 'look see' pages ( thats social media ;) ) really liked her and requested more, so I shall make a full size run. Have to draft the patterns for all sizes first of all so it will be another week or so me thinks.

In the meantime I have cut oodles of Flittle sandals in this stunning black crackle leather! A full size run as well as duplicates of the most popular sizes. Hoping to have the first ones of these in the shop either later today or tomorrow. Exciting stuff eh ;)

The black crackle leather is limited edition. I only have 2 hides so when it's gone, it's truly gone.

FAIRYSTEPS home updates: It's been busy. But when isn't it busy? Much to do as ever and chipping away at things. Mr Fairysteps has worked wonders on the Whisky Wagon and although you can't see most of his hard work, mainly because its welding underneath, we know its there. He has insulated inside and the fit out can begin very soon :) Ive bought curtain wire ready to make and hang the curtains. Ive got lots of shirting weight cotton in all different patterns so I think I will use that.
It has gone in for MOT today so please cross fingers that it passes.

Teapot and kettle is back up in the Potty Hut, but the weather has decided that Summer is over and seems to have gone into Autumn mode home here. It's a bit depressing really, as I was rather enjoying the sunshine. Even managed to go outside not wearing thermals... Let's hope it returns soon and warms us all up again. I will have to write to someone about it else...

Mr Fairysteps in true self sufficiency spirit reinstated the long neglected vegetable garden. I don't know how he works so hard! Seen tending the potatoes here, but behind is the HUGE cage he built for the cabbages, mainly to keep cabbage white butterflies out as well as pigeons. A pair of them have been eyeing the young plants up, and at one point I swear I saw a recipe book under a wing...
At this point Id like to point out that Mr Fairysteps is 6ft 4 (giant) and the 'cabbage run' is also 6ft 4... how big is he expecting the cabbages to grow I asked? Didn't we laugh! It is in fact so he can stand up in there without having to stoop over and knacker his back. Wise man.

The blueberries need picking so I must do that this week. The blackbirds have been evicted and kept out with netting so they should be safe for a day or two.

I reinstated Sunday sewing to sort out my wardrobe. Starting with trousers... It's been a mixed bag to be honest. I perfected the flares pattern and its great, looks good etc, but Im not 100% sold on it. Got to admit that having reached the grand age of fifty, comfort seems to be my top priority now. That and simplicity. Im just not so keen on anything remotely fussy anymore. Not to mention the fact that my stupid tummy balloons to the size of a beach ball on a regular, sporadic basis and is useless in a tight fitted trouser waistband (why didn't I think about this?). 
Looking in my wardrobe at all the frilly bloomers and myriad of colours I feel uninspired to wear any of it. Maybe the whole weight loss thing is to blame, and maybe I 'hid' in my clothes before without really knowing I did it? Who knows.
What I do know is that change is afoot and I must evolve. I mustn't be afraid of change, but instead must explore new possibilities. 

So my dears, I have bought a sewing book and some cotton jersey, as well as special hand sewing thread and needles and decided to tackle some of the Alabama Chanin wardrobe staples. I love the simple clean lines of it all. I may even adapt some of my own hand drafted patterns and make them for the shop, who knows. 
My biggest challenge will be the EZRA coat, which I have to admit I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Gosh it's a corker!
The layering possibilities for this coat are beyond beautiful. It has the perfect, in my opinion, swish factor, a lovely nipped in waist too.

Huge deep pockets, that fit and flare cut, tailored to perfection. The woman's a genius! I have bought some UK made cotton single jersey to make a double layered one for Winter warmth. The outer will be Forest green with an Aubergine lining. No pattern work, all plain.

This is the shorter blazer option on the pattern which may be worth making first as a test on sizing and construction. Can you imagine Fairysteps Borrower buttons on this.

Yes, I thought so too.

I am wearing my AC fitted dress constantly and missing it something dreadful when its in the wash, so I think making another one of those first is a must. Ive ordered some chocolate brown jersey and am just waiting for that to arrive. Then its a sploosh in the washing machine followed by the tumble rumble to make sure its fully shrunk, then snip snip and sew :) 

Next will be an underskirt in olive green jersey, simple A line fit and flare. Im going for layers for my future wardrobe. Layer upon layer of simply cut natural colours. And dare I say it... simple leggings underneath on colder days, long socks or no socks for warmer ones. Coupled with my Arrietty shoes I think its a good look for me. Comfy, adaptable for all seasons and above all highly practical.

Button thread (cotton thread with a strong poly core) as recommended for hand sewing jersey from Empress Mills here, also good for needles - https://www.empressmills.co.uk/36s-polycore-thread

Ezra coat pattern direct from the designers website here - https://alabamachanin.com/products/ezra-coat-pattern 

As ever my dears, its been a joy talking to you all. Take care and have a lovely rest of the week.
Ren x